The 2023 Chicago Elections are on FEBRUARY 28TH!

Paul Struebing standing with arms crossed

Vote for Paul Struebing for Alderman of Chicago’s 41st Ward — because he wants a better future for all of us on the far Northwest Side.

Paul believes in Chicago. He believes in our people. He believes in our ability to care for our communities, to improve our neighborhoods, and to achieve big things. As the son of a union carpenter, Paul has handled luggage at O’Hare, repaired bicycles and worked on countless job sites. He understands hard work. But he also knows that communities, like buildings, reach great heights because of the combined strength of their parts, rather than the strength of a single individual or beam. The only way that our community can overcome the challenges we face is by confronting them together. We deserve an Alderman who shows up for all of us, takes the initiative, and takes responsibility.

That’s the leader Paul intends to be for the 41st Ward. Join us – and let’s get to work!